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Apart from being used regularly, checking that an air conditioning system has sufficient gas pressure to work effectively is essential. The refrigerant also contains a special oil to lubricate the compressor. Should the gas pressure drop too low, the compressor will not operate, as a self-protection measure. While it is true that air conditioning systems might suffer from a degree of natural discharge of the refrigerant gas, this is only one side of the story. In the majority of cases, a system that loses sufficient refrigerant to impair its performance seriously over two years is likely to be leaking.

While DIY top-up kits are available, it is inadvisable (from both cost and environmental standpoints) to top-up a knowingly leaky system. A visit to an air conditioning specialist, who will pressure-check the system with non-environmentally toxic nitrogen gas first, is a wiser move. A specialist will also add the required level of oil to lubricate the compressor, when the system is recharged with refrigerant.

The receiver/dryer unit also becomes saturated with moisture over time and it is recommended that this part is changed every two years. This will require the gas to be ‘evacuated’ from the system, prior to the new parts being fitted, before it can be pressure checked and recharged. Unfortunately, a typical cost of between £100 and £150 dissuades most owners from doing so.

On the ‘open’ side of the ventilation system, a clogged or dirty pollen filter can not only reduce the air flow but can also cause unpleasant odours. The damp and warm environment behind the fascia panel, surrounding the evaporator, is prone to harbouring bacteria. Not only is ‘smelly air-con’ syndrome an undesirable result but also the firing of bacteria directly at the occupants is likely to pose a health risk, including ‘sick car syndrome,’ which is a recognised medical condition. However, replacing the cabin filter and using an aftermarket air conditioning cleanser within the car should alleviate the problem.

Lansdowne Motors offer a same day service and welcome the opportunity of servicing your car.


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