Vehicle diagnostics at competitive prices

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If you’re looking for a professional vehicle diagnostics service in the Oldham, Manchester or Huddersfield area, the team here at Lansdowne are ready and waiting to help.

We’ve invested in dealership-standard diagnostic tools to ensure that we can cater for all of our customers’ needs – but the good news is that we don’t work at dealership prices! Covering all models and makes, we can quickly identify any mechanical issues with your car or van, and from our findings offer free quotes and no obligation advice so you can decide on the best solution for you.
Unlike other garages, we also have equipment to diagnose problems with hybrid vehicles too – plus our team of mechanics are fully trained in fixing them, offering a completely comprehensive service under one roof.

Diagnostic equipment for every car or van

With technology becoming ever more sophisticated and vehicles relying on multiple internal computers to run, it can be scary when a warning light suddenly comes on. That’s why we’ve ensured that we have the right diagnostics for any car or light commercial vehicle; you can relax knowing that we can find the problem – and fix it for you too.



We have the following equipment onsite for your convenience:

  • Bosch KTS
  • DEC Scan
  • G Scan (for hybrid vehicles)
  • VDO Scanner
  • Autel scanner
  • Auto diagnostic scanner

So if your car or van is having problems and you want to find out why, or if an alert has triggered on your dashboard, pop down to see us at Lansdowne and we’ll find out exactly where the issue lies – and our experienced mechanics will undertake any repairs you require as soon as possible for you.