Car air conditioning servicing and re-gassing/recharging

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The majority of modern cars and vans in use on UK roads today have an in-built air conditioning system – and like every other part of your car, it needs regular maintenance to ensure it’s working efficiently and effectively.

It’s worth noting that your air conditioning system isn’t one of the elements included in your annual car service, and with most manufacturers recommending a re-gas every 2 years, it’s important that you keep a check on the time elapsed since your last air con service. If you’ve never had one, and you’ve had your car for more than a couple of years, it’s probably time to get it booked in!

What happens during an air con service?

During a car air conditioning service, the first thing our experienced team will do is remove and replace your pollen filters – this will keep the interior of your car smelling fresher and ensure that the filter is doing its job properly. New filters will reduce bacteria, improve air flow and minimise the risk of health conditions associated with dirty or blocked equipment.

Lubrication is also important to keep your air con running to the highest standards, so we’ll take care of this for you too. Most importantly, we’ll replenish your system with fresh gas to the manufacturer’s recommended levels – this improves efficiency of the system and your vehicle’s overall performance.